Changes Ahead!


Thank you to all of you who have been super loyal during this entrepreneurial journey that I decided to take. Each and every one of you hold a sincere place in my heart!

Along with the new foot soak options that I have (which I KNOW you're excited about...I know I am!), there will be another slight change. Starting August 1st, you will notice a slight price increase for some services (attention to SLIGHT lol). I know, I know...Inflation is affecting EVERYONE!

This price increase only affects NEW bookings starting in August. So, if you booked your appointment before August, but it takes place after August, I will honor the previous service fee. Additionally, a few of the add on services have been removed, such as aromatherapy, kinesiology taping, and decompression therapy. These will be incorporated with THE TRANSFORMATION sessions when needed instead of an additional charge. Aromatherapy will be added to ALL SESSIONS. SO, you're getting more for your money! If there's ever a time that I don't plan on using 1 of these modalities, but you're interested, JUST ASK! I got you!

Again, I appreciate the loyalty that all of my clients have shown me. It is MUCH appreciated! I will be having some giveaways soon and even more new things are brewing. So, stay tuned!

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