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Let's Get Moving!

Many of us decide to utilize massage therapy to alleviate the physical discomfort and stress that we frequently suffer from. While massage feels good and soothes our pain, frequently, that relief is only temporary. Massage, paired with regular and appropriate physical activity is imperative to achieving the more permanent results that we are all seeking.

Keeping physically active through healthy movement will ensure that chronic pain isn't exacerbated by immobility. Benefits of regular physical exercise are toned muscles, regaining your range of motion within joints, and releasing tension within the body. Additionally, exercise also improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative moods and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function.

Unfortunately, if we are experiencing pain, some physical movements may be difficult to perform. However, completely restricting movement can cause more harm to our bodies. Consult a health professional to design an appropriate exercise program geared towards strengthening, increasing range of motion, and improving mobility.

Are you ready to take on an active role in your recovery? Commit to our 30 minutes/30 days Challenge! All that you have to do is set aside 30 minutes of your day to move your body for 30 consecutive days! That’s it! All participants will receive 25% off of their massage service after the conclusion of the challenge! Just make sure that you document your daily progress! If you're in, just shoot me a message!

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