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What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?

Repressed + trapped emotional energy throughout multiple parts of our body is responsible for countless ailments and chronic health conditions. In essence, pain is an emotional response stimulus.

Whether we realize it or not, out bodies are great communicators. When our bodies start “speaking to us,” that is, when we start feeling pain, discomfort, or illness, we are being sent a message from a higher, energetic place and it is up to us to interpret those messages and take action.

Huh? How do we “take action?”

We are used to “fixing” ourselves by doing anything that numbs our pain, whether we identify and correct the source or not. Relief is the end game.

But what usually happens?

That nagging pain in our lower back, that tightness in our neck, those achy feet…COMES RIGHT BACK.

This week we will discuss common chronic pain symptoms and what they may mean on an energetic level. Your homework? YES, I said HOMEWORK…I want you to think about a nagging pain that you have in your body that you’ve been dealing with “forever.” After that, I want you to answer 1 question: How do you feel?

No, no, no…I mean how do you REALLY feel?

Are you worried about your car getting repo’d? Are you still mad at your coworker for eating your sandwich 5 years ago? Do you resent your mom for making you wear that FUGLY sweater when you were 8 years old? We need to LET. THAT. ISH. GO.

So, go ahead...take the step and start the healing process.

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