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    Ideal for those needing lymphatic drainage treatment during recovery from any surgery/procedure, as well as slightly deeper modalities to reduce scar tissue formation/fibrosis, appropriate for their healing stage. Incorporates Vodder-style manual lymphatic drainage for general swelling reduction in every session. Price includes 1 post-operative supply (various styles of custom compression foams or self-massage oil), if needed. Manual lymphatic drainage treatment is a VERY GENTLE and rhythmic method that encourages the natural movement of lymph fluids throughout the body. Other modalities and techniques, such as, contouring massage strokes, decompression therapy, kinesiology taping, vibration, and friction techniques may be utilized at later stages of recovery (after 2 weeks post-op), at the discretion of the therapist. *Only for those recovering from surgery.


    Hot stone treatment where heated stones are applied to specific areas of the body and then used to provide a full body massage. The stones help to release muscle tension, increase circulation, encourage flow of vital energy, and alleviate physical and emotional ailments. Includes heated table, aromatherapy, warm towels, and custom playlist.

  • The Center (ADD-ON)

    Abdominal massage has been proven to improve digestive function, boost immune system by improving gut health, decrease bloating, relieve tension and pain, improve posture, and release physical and emotional stress. This therapeutic massage utilizes castor oil, warm towels hot/cold stones along with techniques to facilitate your targeted goals. Includes heated table, aromatherapy, and custom playlist.

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  • *New Services Alert!*

    Try our new paraffin-alternative treatment, Eco-fin! This luxurious, 100% natural plant-based paraffin alternative, will provide your feet and hands with the care that they deserve. Aids with anti-aging, cell regeneration, deeply moisturizes and softens skin, relaxes muscles, and provides pain relief. No paraffin, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, or dyes. Made with a luscious fusion of plant oils, including jojoba, coconut, shea, and sustainable palm, Eco-fin offers 13 natural aromas plus unscented for customization. We now also have area-specific treatments specialized just for you! Check your our services on the website and book today! Contact us for more information!


    Introducing 4 new herbal foot soaks to our menu of services! Be sure to add 1 of these 25-minute foot soaks to your next appointment, beginning August 1st! 1. THE CLEANSE If you're having any of the following symptoms, consider THE CLEANSE herbal foot soak: *Fatigue *Food cravings *Weight increase *Hazy thinking *Breakouts *Mood swings *Insomnia This soak includes 7 natural, organic ingredients, including Dandelion Root, Calendula, and Red Clover which all promote blood/liver/kidney detoxification, reduces inflammation, and stimulates the entire lymphatic system. ******************************************************************************************** 2. THE BOOST Our new herbal foot soak, THE BOOST, is ideal if you suffer from symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, or if you just need a general mood booster. Symptoms of these conditions include: *Sleep issues *Overactive mind *Constant worry/feelings of uneasiness/panic *Change in appetite Includes 5 organic herbs, such as St John's Wort and Passionflower that'll get you in a better mood and calm your nervous system. ******************************************************************************************** 3. THE RELIEF THE RELIEF herbal foot soak will be sure to soothe all of your aches and pain away! This choice will be wonderful to alleviate the day's stress and remove the physical pain that comes along with it! Best for those with: *General aches, pains, and inflammation *Elevated stress level *Tired, achy feel *The need to relax and unwind Includes Arnica, White Willow Bark, and 4 other natural herbs to alleviate overall pain, achiness, and stress in your body. ******************************************************************************************** 4. THE REFRESH THE REFRESH herbal foot soak is ideal for those suffering from: *Discolored toenails *Foot fungus *Hardened skin *Foul odor A special blend of Snake root extract, oregano and more will get your feet together and relax you at the same time!

  • May.....Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

    The Science Behind Massage and Mental Health We hear everyone talking about mental health and different ways to maintain a healthy mind. Massage is a common go-to (and a great 1, might I add!), however, do we really understand WHY? Yes, there is a science behind it! Relaxation can come in both psychological and physiological forms. PSYCHOLOGICAL relaxation refers to the reduction of in stress hormones release (cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline). A reduction in theses hormones will allow the individual to feel a reduction in anxiety, stress and depression. PHYSIOLOGICAL relaxation refers to the increase in tissue flexibility, elasticity, and pliability. A reduction in musculoskeletal tension can allow the individual to feel a reduction in pain and increase their range of movement and flexibility. Endorphins are released during times of happiness and relaxation. Low levels of endorphins are linked to negative thoughts, anxiety, stress and depression. Massage can stimulate an increase in the release of endorphins through stimulating the autonomic nervous system. An increase in levels of endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine can leave the individual feeling positive, enthusiastic, and relaxed. Massage can decrease the release of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress related hormone released during times of threat. High levels of cortisol are linked to feelings of anxiety, stress and depression. Massage can reduce the production of cortisol by promoting relaxation. A reduction in the levels of cortisol can leave the individual feeling calm, relaxed, and happy. Massage can increase tissue temperature. An increase tissue temperature is achieved through stimulating an increase in blood circulation. An increase in blood circulation is gained through vasodilation which occurs when the smooth muscles surrounding blood vessels relax which widens the vessels. An increase in blood circulation can warm the tissues allowing them to become more relaxed. An increase in tissue temperature can lead to an increase in flexibility, tissue elasticity, and decreased pain. So, if you managed to read all of that, hopefully you now have a better understanding about why massage works and how it is SCIENTIFICALLY beneficial to our mental health. If you are still on the fence about making massage a regular priority in your life, just take the leap! Book 1 appointment and I promise that you won’t be disappointed!

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  • Massage Therapy | Holistic Bodywork and Wellness | Lansing

    HOLISTIC BODYWORK & WELLNESS Body + Mind + Spirit At Holistic Bodywork and Wellness, I strive to align my clients' body, mind, and spirit, by promoting both emotional and physical well-being. Let's work together to eliminate your chronic and acute pain. "The mind is a powerful tool. Our lingering thoughts and the energy that we put into the universe have the power to create or destroy...heal or cause up or tear down. Use it wisely." -Marquita QUESTIONS? Are you looking for a more holistic approach to alleviating your chronic or acute pain or simply want to feel restored and rebalanced? Get in touch to ask for more information. 3232 Ridge Road Lansing, IL 60438 (708) 872-0311 Name Email Subject Message Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Service Packages | Holistic Bodywork an

    Choose your Service Package. ENLIGHTENMENT-3 $ 250 250$ Swedish Massage-60 mins Valid for one year Select THE ENLIGHTENMENT-60 mins ENLIGHTENMENT-5 $ 410 410$ Swedish Massage-60 mins Valid for one year Select THE ENLIGHTENMENT-60 mins ENLIGHTENMENT-3 $ 355 355$ Swedish Massage-90 mins Valid for one year Select THE ENLIGHTENMENT-90 mins ENLIGHTENMENT-5 $ 585 585$ Swedish Massage-90 mins Valid for one year Select THE ENLIGHTENMENT-90 mins TRANSFORMATION-3 $ 285 285$ Clinical Massage-60 mins Valid for one year Select THE TRANSFORMATION-60 mins TRANSFORMATION-5 $ 460 460$ Clinical Massage-60 mins Valid for one year Select THE TRANSFORMATION-60 mins TRANSFORMATION-3 $ 400 400$ Clinical Massage-90 mins Valid for one year Select Package of 3 sessions. TRANSFORMATION-5 $ 660 660$ Clinical Massage-90 mins Valid for one year Select Package of 5 sessions. REDIRECTION-3 $ 295 295$ Lymphatic Drainage Massage Valid for one year Select THE REDIRECTION-60 REDIRECTION-5 $ 485 485$ Lymphatic Drainage Massage Valid for one year Select THE REDIRECTION-60 RENEWAL-3 $ 325 325$ Post-Operative Treatment Valid for one month Select THE RENEWAL JOURNEY-5 $ 410 410$ Pregnancy Massage Valid for one year Select THE JOURNEY RENEWAL-5 $ 535 535$ Post-Operative Treatment Valid for 2 months Select JOURNEY-3 $ 250 250$ Pregnancy Massage Valid for one year Select THE JOURNEY

  • Testimonials | Holistic Bodywork and Wellness

    TESTIMONIALS Not sure if my healing services will fit your needs? Take a look at what some of my past clients have said about their experiences with me and explore the many ways I have helped them. My wellness journey with Marquita started in March of 2016. I had a terrible bout of sciatica that started in January 2016. I had done everything I thought possible. Two Dr. Visits who prescribed 3 types of pain meds, physical therapy, acupuncture and I even made adjustments to my food intake, nothing worked. I was in excruciating pain day and night. I couldn’t walk 25 feet (really). I was referred to the Director of the Soma Institute who reached out to his former students via Facebook and Marquita contacted me the same day. We booked right away. She came to my home and after the first visit I was feeling relief. I stopped Pain meds, and used ice, heat and rest. We continued bi-weekly sessions and then went to monthly appointments. About three weeks after the first visit, I was back to my regular routine. She is my lifesaver/Angel and "bone crusher". I am so happy she has opened Holistic Bodywork and Wellness. I'm sending all positives vibes for you and your business! God Bless.... SB-2021 SB AMAZING! Marquita worked out the tension in my back and wow, my back felt 100% better. LP My experience was fantastic! Marquita was very thorough, the room was decorated beautifully, and the music was very soothing. I've already booked another massage! TM I normally would have a massage twice a month before the pandemic. I was looking for a massage therapist to help alleviate discomfort from arthritis in my neck and lower back. My experience with bodywork and wellness was exactly what I needed. Marquita was kind and thorough in identifying my needs. The massage was excellent and I quickly decided she would be my regular massage therapist. VM I had the most intriguing experience ever 3 weeks ago at holistic bodywork and wellness with Ms. Marquita. Marquita was very professional, her suite was clean, neat, and calming atmosphere. I love that she only allows one client at a time which allows for privacy and enhances your focus. I felt fantastic when I left. If you want a true holistic and body experience, I recommend Marquita Powell. I have my next appt scheduled😊 HR I had such an amazing experience with Marquita! She did such a awesome job especially on my neck and back. Thank you so much and definitely will be coming back! LG ADD A TESTIMONIAL Name Email Review Would you recommend us to your friends? Yes No Submit Thanks for submitting!

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