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Hand-crafted from Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Strawberry Quartz and Red Jasper beads. This  combination may assist in bringing Love, warmth and passion.


Rose Quartz is an extremely popular stone known as the ‘Love Stone’ it symbolizes unconditional love. This is a very calming, relaxing stone and is used often with the Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz is almost like a bubble bath for your emotions releasing all tension and tightness letting a blanket of serenity and calmness wash over you. Used to attract love many people keep stones in their bedroom or carry them on their person each day. The stone will deter negative energy and restore love energy in its place.


Carnelian is a stone which is always very strongly associated with the Sacral Chakra. This powerful stone assists with increasing physical energy levels and promoting mental strength and fortitude. The stone assists with keeping one focused on the here and now and focused on today’s reality rather than past negative experiences. It is a great grounding stone that helps with focus, study, creativity, and memory.


Strawberry Quartz is renowned for its ability to increase your energy levels and to bring balance to your body and mind. Giving you direction and amplifying your positive intentions this is a great crystal to keep with you as you go through the day. 


Red Jasper is very strongly associated with the Root Chakra. Red Jasper is strong in earth energy and is sometimes known as ‘Blood of the Earth’. This nurturing stone is used commonly in healing and is a great stone to bring peace, calm and tranquility to those who are troubled.


8 mm / 7.5" / Elastic

Bracelet-Attract Love

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