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Hand-crafted from Black Obsidian, Malachite and Rainbow Moonstone beads with 4 stainless steel spacers. This ccombination may help assist in mental balance, growth and overall transformation of negative emotions into positive healthy space.

Black Obsidian - Black Obsidian is a stone that will assist you in staying grounded, increase focus, assist unbalanced energy, stimulate your intuition, and keep your energy clean and protected.

Malachite - This deep green stone has long been used in metaphysical work becoming well known as the 'stone of transformation. It is used for deep energy cleaning and will also help clear and activate the Chakras. 

Rainbow Moonstone - This stone is also known as 'White Labradorite' and is often used in meditation to calm the mind and help the user rediscover their true self. The stone promotes introspection and thus improves judgement making. Clear judgement opens the door to compassionate and substantial relationships. Rainbow Moonstone's energies activate and align all our chakras to allow energy to flow freely.


8 mm / 7.5" / Elastic


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