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2 week parasite cleanse. 


Ideal if you suffer from:


* Repeated diarrhea or constipation
* Chronic, unexplained nausea
* Fatigue and weakness
* Low iron
* Swelling around the eyes
* Multiple food allergies
* Intestinal cramping and/or bloating
* Dizziness (not due to low blood sugar)
* Foul-smelling gas
* Heart Flutters/Palpitations
* Loss of appetite
* Unexplained itching around the anus, vulva, or feet, especially at night
* Hair loss
* Difficulty sleeping
* Difficulty maintaining a healthy weight (weight gain or loss)
* Teeth clenching or grinding
* Strong sugar or carb cravings
* Headaches

Parasite Cleanse

  • Wormwood, Black Walnut Hull, and others.

  • Not for use by pregnant women, or if you have certain allergies.

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